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Personal membership Rule
1. Procedure for entrance of CVS

Submit the application by yourself, fill the form of the Application for Personal Member of CVS, after the approval of CVS, please hand in a piece of standard photo and pay the membership fee

2. Membership types
  1) Senior member;
  2) Regular member;
  3) Honorary member;
  4) Foreign member
Senior member: (1) having senior professional title (above associate professional title, including associate professional title); (2) general manager (factory director), deputy general manager (deputy factory director) and chief engineer of the enterprises and companies, the sales amount of which is over 10 millions (RMS);
Regular member: other personnel except the people who match the condition of the senior member;
Honorary member: the member, whose age is over 60, will be honorary member (lifetime membership);
Foreign member: the foreign specialist of vacuum science and technology as well as the scientists who have gotten higher academic achievements and been friendly with us, heartily supported the CVS work and are willing to exchange and cooperate with us.

3. Standard of the membership fee
50 RMB /year for the senior members and foreign members
20 RMB /year for the regular members
Free for the honorary member
One needs to pay the cost of production 5 RMB when he pays the first membership fee and pays annually membership fee after then.
CVS Office

Applying for the membership on line
Application of the individual membership
Form application:

Note: Fill out the Application Form and then directly to send it to email address: cvs@chinesevacuum.com or to the address: 23. Shijingshan Rd. Beijing, Mailbox 2515, Beijing, Postcode 100049 (please write “Membership Application” at the envelop)

Download the Application Form (the copied form is valid)

Personal Membership Application
Full name:
Date of birth:  *
Educational qualification:
Major :


Job Description:
Company/Organization: *
Company Website: *
Mailing Address: *
Postal Code: *
City: *
State: *
Country: *
Phone: *
Fax: *
Membership type: Student member
which division you want to join:
Vacuum Engineering
Surface Nanometer Science
Mass Spectrum Analysis Leak Detection
Electronic Materials Device
Thin Film
Vacuum Metallurgy

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