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The MFP-3D-CF™ Integrated Confocal/Atomic Force Microscopy System
TIME:2007-1-23 14:22:00
Advance your bioscience research by combining the power of confocal imaging with the high resolution of Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM).

For years, biologists have turned to laser scanning confocal microscopy for 3D functional imaging within thick samples such as cells or tissues. AFM also uses a scanning process to form an image, but is not limited by the wavelength of light. Now you can bring these complementary technologies together with the MFP-3D-CF. This new system (Figure 1) combines the powerful features of the MFP-3D-BIO™ with your choice of a commercial confocal microscope.With the MFP-3D-CF, you can select a sample region based on its fluorescent characteristics, then zoom in for a high-resolution AFM scan; correlate topography with fluorescence; or mechanically stimulate your sample with the tip and measure an optical response. This powerful combination will bring new capabilities to your research.


”ąPreferred platform is Olympus FV1000 with spectral detector.

Also compatible with Olympus FV300; Nikon C1; inquire regarding Zeiss, Leica.

”ąLow-noise, highly linear closed loop scanner ØC essential for precise registry of data.

”ąInfrared AFM source allows use of red fluorophores (Texas Red, Cy5). Blocking filter (included) prevents crosstalk from the AFM into confocal. For more information, see our application note on Simultaneous AFM and Fluorescence Measurement.

”ąLaser safety interlock automatically shuts off confocal lasers when AFM head is lifted.

”ąThe isolation package includes acoustic hood with 30dB isolation and active vibration isolation platform.

”ąTransmitted light option adds transmission channel to confocal scans; also provides illumination for optical phase contrast.

”ąExtended 28µm Z-range head and BioHeater™ options recommended.

”ąAll the same key features found in our MFP-3D-BIO.

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