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Copyright explanation
TIME:2007-8-3 17:05:00

1. Except the particular announcement the website chinesevacuum.com (http://www.chinesevacuum.com) reserves the copyright of all the information published on our website, any institutes and persons aren¡¯t allowed to transmit or quote it without our permission. If not, we reserve the right to investigate the corresponding legal responsibility.

2. The website chinesevacuum.com don¡¯t guarantee veracity, security and integrity of external links, which are supplied by us for a better service to our clients and it doesn¡¯t mean that our website recognize the contents of the external links; in the same manner it also doesn¡¯t mean that we approve the viewpoints and validate the authenticity of the transmitted information.

3. The suppliers own the copyrights of the data carried on the website chinesevacuum.com. Anyone isn¡¯t allowed to copy the data, to link a lot of files of our website and to carry on the business of a mirrorsite of our website without the permission of the website chinesevacuum.com. Similarly anyone isn¡¯t allowed entirely or partly to copy or imitate the components of our website such as flags, logos, structural designs etc. unless the website chinesevacuum.com authorize somebody to do it.

4. The sources of all the transmitted information are clearly explained. If the signature rights of the authors would be violated in the transmitting because of our carelessness, we could correct it after receiving the reports of the related authors.

5. If you need to transmit the information of our website, please give a clear indication of the source in your web page and link with the website chinesevacuum.com..

6. The articles published in the column ¡°Business Management¡± etc. are mostly from websites, the copyright belongs to the authors and our website. If one would like to transmit them, please contact us or the authors.

7. The contents published in the column ¡°popularization of science¡± etc. are mostly from universities and colleges and scientific institutes, the copyrights belong to these organizations. It is forbidden to copy them for a commercial purpose.

It would be difficult to wholly avoid careless omission in our work, if you find out problems related to the copyright, please contact us via webmaster@chinesevacuum.com.

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