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The 12th International Vacuum Exhibition
TIME:2012-10-12 14:42:00

The 12th International Vacuum Exhibition

May 15-17, 2013
China National Convention Center, Beijing

Once every two years
an authoritative exhibition
¡ªnow larger than ever¡ª
establishing a high-end brand
in the vacuum industry

Approved by
Ministry of Science and Technology, People¡¯s Republic of China
China Association for Science and Technology

Chinese Vacuum Society
China General Machinery Industry Association of Vacuum Equipment
Vacuum Equipment Industry Association of Chinese General Machinery

Supported by: 
China National Machinery & Equipment Corporation
China Machinery Industry Federation
China Vacuum Electronic Association
Provincial and Municipal Vacuum Societies in China

12th International Vacuum Exhibition

¡¾Exhibition Overview¡¿

As the leading vacuum industry exhibition, with the most exhibitors, the highest international level and the most rapid development, the IVE is committed to promoting vacuum industry development and creating maximum value for clients. Through years of effort, the scale and influence of the exhibition has continued to grow, and the exhibition is widely recognized in the vacuum industry.

With ample experience gained from the successful 11th International Vacuum Exhibition and the 18th International Vacuum Congress & Exhibition, the China Vacuum Society and China General Machinery Industry Association of Vacuum Equipment will hold the 12th International Vacuum Exhibition on May 15-17, 2013, at the China National Convention Center, which is adjacent to the very famous Bird¡¯s Nest.

We sincerely invite domestic and foreign factories to exhibit and visit. Let¡¯s develop the vacuum industry together!

¡¾Exhibition Advantages¡¿
This year¡¯s exhibition will be the largest in history. The exhibition hall has a total area of 8,000 square meters. The organizer is committed to promoting the latest technologies and information in the vacuum industry, holding innovative exhibitions, and bridging resources from various parties. We will make this exhibition the most important industry-branded exhibition in China, and we are dedicated to offering the most effective trade channel for enterprises to promote their brands, enlarge their influence, exploit markets and find business opportunities. With various promotion forms such as product demonstrations, technology exchanges and industry research, we are building the most professional and highest-level communication platform in the vacuum industry.

Exhibit setup: May 14 08:30-21:30
Opening ceremony: May 15 08:30-09:00   
Exhibition period: May 15-17 08:30-17:30     
Technical conference: May 15 13:30-17:30 
Academic forum: May 16 08:30-12:00

The third Vacuum Industry Photography Contest will also be held during the exhibition.

¡¾Exhibition Contents¡¿
Exhibition contents include vacuum science and technology applications in various fields, such as machinery, electronics, metallurgy, aviation, aerospace, light industry, chemical industry, food, pharmaceuticals, presswork, construction and decoration, as well as new techniques, materials and products related to vacuum technology. Exhibits and activities will cover the following topics:

1. Vacuum acquisition equipment
2. Vacuum application equipment
3. Vacuum measurement instruments, vacuum leak detectors, etc.
4. Vacuum application units, vacuum engineering corollary equipment, etc.;
5. Vacuum valves
6. Vacuum spare parts, pump oil, and other materials
7. Laboratory testing instruments and analytic instruments

¡¾Exhibit Booths¡¿
The exhibition hall has an area of 8,000 square meters. Each standard booth (3 meters square) includes three white panels (3 meters in length and width, 2.5 meters in height), a name plate with room for the company name in Chinese and English, one conference table, two foldable chairs, one electrical socket (220V, 500W), two fluorescent tubes (40W), and one wastebasket. If you need other furniture or appliances, you can rent them from the exhibition hall when you set up your exhibit. If you have any special requirements regarding water or electricity, please contact the organizing committee in advance.

¡¾Promotion and Events during the Exhibition¡¿
¡ö The organizers will promote the exhibition in professional vacuum media, such as relevant magazines or websites, and offer a full range of in-depth multi-angle promotions for the exhibition.
¡ö Work with relevant national associations and local societies to publicize and distribute tickets in China and abroad.
¡ö Publicize this exhibition in a variety of large domestic exhibitions, academic conferences and other meetings, to invite extensive investments.
¡ö We will freely distribute the exhibition booklet to visitors and exhibitors to promote each exhibitor.
¡ö The exhibition organizers will offer technical conferences, seminars, technical exchanges and other events. We also welcome exhibitors to apply to hold other events to address topics of their choice. Application forms for this can be submitted together with the basic application form. We will actively help to offer services and organize audiences, and will do our best to create business opportunities for all participating companies.
¡ö There will also be a Technology Promotion Area in the exhibition hall for participants to sign contracts, exchange technologies, explain equipment, and demonstrate products. Member units of the CVS can use it without charge.

1. A standard booth has an area of 9 square meters (built by the exhibition hall uniformly). Rent (which includes site fee and booth-building, cleaning, security and illumination fees) is 16,000 yuan for a foreign booth and 9,000 yuan for a domestic booth. Large equipment can be placed outside the exhibition hall for 30 yuan per square meter per day.

The minimum area for a bare booth is 36 square meters. You can build it yourself or ask the exhibition hall to build it for you. If you do it yourself, there is a management fee of 50 yuan per square meter. The rent is 1,600 yuan per square meter for a foreign booth and 850 Yuan per square meter for a domestic booth.

In some booths, a pillar takes up part of the space. The rent is not discounted for this, but we will raise a flag for your company or offer you a full-page black-and-white advertisement in the exhibition booklet at no charge.

2. We will publish, at no charge, a 200-word profile in Chinese and English in the exhibition booklet to introduce your enterprise and its products.

3. You can place an advertisement in the exhibition booklet. Charges are 1,000 yuan for a black-and-white advertisement page, 5,000 yuan for a color advertisement on an inside page; 6,000 yuan for the inside front cover or inside back cover, and 7,000 yuan for the back cover. The ad size is 210mm x 285mm. Please send advertisements in electronic format (pixel should be over 3M for all pictures).

4. The charge for promoting your company in the technical conference is 5,000 yuan per hour (including the rent for multimedia equipment).

5. Other advertisement formats are available: arched portals for 3,500 yuan/day and balloons for 2,000 yuan/day.

Each exhibitor will receive a free evening dinner ticket for the opening ceremony and a free working lunch each day during the exhibition (three days).

¡¾Registration and payment¡¿
1. Registration: Exhibitors should complete the application form with official signature and seal (exhibition contract is available upon request), and send all materials to the Society office by mail, fax or email. Contact information is provided below. Please send a 200-word profile of your enterprise in Chinese and English, for inclusion in the exhibition booklet, to the society in digital format.

2. Payment: Exhibitors should remit the full participation fee immediately after registration. (Please write ¡°exhibition fee¡± in your check or remittance document.)

¡¾Priority in assigning booths¡¿
Companies that pay foreign rent before December 2012 have priority in selecting a booth according to the map of the exhibition hall. The next priority goes to companies that pay domestic rent for four or more booths. For companies that pay domestic rent for three or fewer booths before February 2013, booths will be arranged by the organizing committee in an equitable process. In case of conflict, exhibitors who rent more booths have priority over those with fewer booths; among exhibitors who have the same number of booths, those renting bare booths have priority; if the above conditions are the same, exhibitors who pay rent earlier have priority.

Exhibitors should directly contact the organizing committee with any questions or concerns. Booths and booth furniture may not be sublet, used to display products or advertisements of other companies, or occupied or used by anyone other than the original exhibitor. Non-exhibitors may not post or distribute promotional materials in the exhibition hall.

¡¾Contact Information¡¿
Telephone (8610) 58208985 / 58208908
Fax (8610) 58207735
Chinese instant message QQ:2317369989
Email zgzkxh@chinesevacuum.com / cvs@chinesevacuum.com  
Website of the exhibition www.chnive.com
Website of the vacuum society www.chinesevacuum.com
Address Chinese Vacuum Society
Room 612, Building 9, Wanda Plaza
No.93 Jianguo Road
Chaoyang District, Beijing 100022

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