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( is organized by Chinese Vacuum Society (CVS) affiliated to China Association for Vacuum Science and Technology.
Our aim is to uphold the spirit of science, to propagate vacuum science and technology, to spread science method, to deepen the information exchange in the field of vacuum science and technology by modern network technology. transmits the information from CVS, universities and colleges, institutes, manufacturers and users of vacuum equipments, and the vacuum-related fields home and aboard. We provide a convenient network service in order to strengthen the exchange and cooperation between the academic fields and enterprises., led by Chinese Vacuum Society, greatly promotes the electronic informationization of CVSs work, such as providing vacuum-related education for beginner, building the demonstration stage for vacuum equipment manufacturer to show their new technologies, new materials and new products, and driving a swift interaction for vacuum enterprises and users.
The Chinese edition of has some sections such as Chinese Vacuum Society, Industry Consultation, News, Market, Science and Technology, Products, Bookstore, Human Resource, Vacuum Forum, Meeting, Exhibition, Vacuum Standard, etc.

The English edition of it has also some sections such as Chinese Vacuum Society, First Look, News, Meeting & Exhibition, Education, Vacuum Forum, Business, Contact us, etc.
The scope of services of our website includes vacuum equipments, vacuum measurements, vacuum device, vacuum leak detection, vacuum materials, vacuum oils, vacuum heat treatment, vacuum packaging, vacuum implantation, vacuum metallurgy, surface treatment, nano-technology, freeze drying, vacuum fresh-keeping, flat panel display, vacuum coating, optics & optoelectronics, accelerator, space simulation and other technological fields.

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